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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 30, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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and makes me hungry all at the same time. i forgot tlas an immigration -- >> they're playing volleyball over a wall. it's sad the country is at this point you need to can. >> alvin says i think it's great, nothing wrong with having some fun. thank you seung-hui cho for joini -- so much for joining us today. "fox and friends" is next. good morning. today is wednesday, september 30th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a stunning ultimatum from russia to the united states. stop the air strikes and get out of syria. and let vladimir putin take the lead. if you have dontrump, that's perfectly fine with him. >> planned parenthood is funded with taxpayer money. >> compensation we're showing is based on tax returns is $590,000, correct? >> that's not my annual compensation. my annual is $520,000 a year. >> wow. but this morning, congressman
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jason chaffetz being called disrespectful for daring to ask that woman her salary. all right. different note. tropical storm joaquin wreaking havoc up and down the east coast. new warnings this morning. the worst is yet to come. but smile, "fox and friends" starts now. hi everybody. welcome to a rainy new york city. it's going to be a rainy couple of days. we've got that big storm scooting up the east coast, probably raining wherever you are this morning. >> landscapers go to the sports bars. you can't mow the lawn today. >> they still mow. >> my grass bends, it doesn't go down. it pops right back up. >> they don't get paid unless they mow. >> that's true. we'll talk about landscapers and what they do and don't do. it's a fox news alert.
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remember when president obama said this about the fight against isis? >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> how is that going a year from when that announcement was made? >> great question, brian. a report revealing that the obama administration failed to stop hundreds of americans from joining the terror group. >> that's not good. garrett tenney is live in washington, d.c. with what we know and there's a lot, garrett, we don't know. >> yes, what we know in terms of the number of americans that have traveled overseas to join or try to join terrorist groups is more than 250. that's groups such as isis. this is despite a concerted effort by the u.s. government to stem the flow that is joining those groups. this bipartisan congressional study released tuesday by the household security committee also found that u.s. and global efforts to stop that flow of aspiring jihadists into syria
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had failed. at the united nations yesterday, president obama expanded on the u.s. and global strategy going forward while critics say this report outlined the need for more to be done. >> it's not going to be enough to defeat ice i will in the battlefield. we have to prevent it from recruiting and inspiring others to violence in the first place. this means, defeating their ideology. >> the president is more interested, i believe, in maintaining the status quo until he's out of office. i think ultimately it means that's going to have to put some level of boots on the ground or special forces. we all know this. he's simply unwilling to do that. >> in a separate report sent to congress this month by the u.s. citizenship and immigration services, that report found that the obama administration granted asylum to more than 1500 foreigners with ties to terrorist organizations last year because they were deemed to have provided support to the groups while under duress.
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>> that's scary. gary tenny live in d.c. with the latest. now, another fox news alert and developing over the last hour, there's been so much going on. the russian government demanded that the u.s. warplanes, this was about an hour ago. they demand that they exit over syria immediately because russian warplanes were over there. the united states in the form of the pentagon has responded. sorry, russia, we're already there. we're not going to comply with that. >> not going to comply there. separate u.s. defense official said there's nothing to indicate that we're changing operations over in syria. but if you ask donald trump, he gives assad an a -- sorry, gives putin an a and his attempt at a real mission to help assad and syria. he said let putin handle it all. watch. >> i think in terms of leadership, he's getting an a and the president is not doing so well. they did not look good together. >> what do you think putin is up to in the middle east? he's moving planes, he's moving
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advisers into syria. what is he up to? >> well, we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over and putin is taking over what we started. and he's going into syria and he frankly wants to fight isis. i think that's a wonderful thing. >> once putin fights isis on behalf of assad, putin owns syria of the he'll never get out, never. >> okay, fine. we can be in syria. do you want to run syria or own syria? >> no. but i think putin -- >> it makes sense. he gives putin an: allowing putin to help assad. he's murdered and slaughtered 300,000 of his own people an by the way, who he wants to help and aid iran for depth to mefrk. putin gets an a and obama is getting a failing grade. >> putin does get an a. elisabeth, i don't know if donald trump would have said
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that if he was presented with this information this morning. to think that russia after 90-minute one-on-one conversation amongst officials, we still get this surprising announcement. maybe the president woke up in the middle of the night to stop cease and desist -- >> i grant you, we've done almost nothing except on the best terms, a stalemate. to say we should stop indead of deconflict to make sure we don't hit each, now they stop what you're doing. the last major air strike was done by france over the weekend. they actually hit a camp. i doubt that vladimir putin want to hit isis. he wants to keep his ports. >> i agree. puttin has gotten an a for the power grab, obvious. >> started with a handshake. >> there's a shake right there. here's the thing. i get where donald trump is
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coming from. the average person in the united states doesn't understand assad. they know that isis is bad. and if putin says i'm going to go over there to stop isis, there are a lot of people who will go ak, we've been trying to do it forever a while. we have done absolutely nothing. >> sure. >> we got five over there with guchbs. let them try. >> frustrated as many rerns are with the con neon yalta ward he carries around. >> the smile here. you see these moments where he's here sitting, yet nothing comes of it on the next day or the morning after. we get surprise notice from putin to get out. >> here's the thing. as you look at this picture, castro in his speech ripped america. >> he did. >> the president of iran in his speech to the united nations ripped america. vladimir putin ripped america. outside putin, the other too, the foreign minister, we were
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nice to them. why are we talking to raul castro when he con determined and wants reparations and a big check from us when they've not -- instead, they say we want gizmo back and tens of millions of dollars on the 'em boring owe. >> i think if you gave donald trup a map, would you write influence over iraq and syria or not have it, you can see the american interests there. you have russian oil, you have iranian iand knew iraq. that all belongs to russia now. >> that's from. how is that working out for us? not well. bringing it back into the middle east and it's in america's best interest. >> foreign policy changing there. let's talk about the trengs that occurred here yesterday. >> i get that. we'll find out what's happening. meanwhile, there was a lot of tension on capitol hill. planned parenthood, showing the
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body parts harvesting over there. they called in cecile richards. she's the president of planned parenthood and famously the daughter of ann richard, former tex tech governor. democrat her whole life. she was grilled by republicans and treated fondly by democrats. not surprising. anyway, here is how it went. it did not go well because she had a lot of explaining to do. >> the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> how many planned parenthood clinics have mammogram machines? there aren't any planned parenthood clinics. i believe to the best of my knowledge, there are not machines in the falts. >> your salary went up $240,000. you're compensation is $590,000,
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correct? >> that's not my annual compensation. my annual compensation is $520 thousand dollars a year. >> what's america coming to? >> the disrespect, the ma soj any rampant here today tells us what is really going on here. >> misplaced outrage right there. with all respect to conley, i don't respect anything that he's saying. to take the outrage from these videos which are alleged to have harvested baby parts. >> they did. >> and then sold them for profit and the woman who is at the head of that to be questioned about her salary, you're more upset about questioning a woman about her salary than the fact that baby parts were sold. their organs were harvested for profit. i'm having a hard time reconciling the displacement of outrage there.
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>> i understand what you're upset about. they were focused on salary instead of -- >> because the taxpayers are funding -- >> the editing was to get rid of bathroom breaks. it doesn't say they messed with dialog or video or lip-synch. they should have focus odd n the facts of those tapes and made her answer that. >> planned parenthood has since they came under fire say look we provide effective and necessary health care in the form of mammograms. yesterday it was clear they don't do that. we'll talk about this throughout morning. 11 minutes after 6:00 new york city time. we start with the raining. it's raining all over. >> take a look back there. it's raining hard. folks are going to start experience thag in a lot of the country. we start with this extreme weather and flooding fears up and down the east coast. cars in hoboken new jersey already underwater at this hour as rain pounds down in that area. a similar sight in virginia.
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you can see a truck as it trug ls to move a tree that came crashing down on the road as the water is around it. the east coast could be in for a one-two punch as tropical storm joaquin strengthens over the atlantic. we'll be batching this throughout day. not even the pope could save her life. the woman who -- she was executed in georgia. she was put to death after a five-hour delay and including one from the pope himself. she's the first defemale to be skewed in 70 years. edward snowden is on twitter. the former government contractor who leaked private information about national security has more than 900,000 followers. snowden follows just one account, the nsa. he's hiding out in russia where he's been granted assaye hum to avoid those peaage charges.
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the controversial clerk said she met are pope francis in washington, d.c. her legal team said the pope told her to stay strong and even gave her rosary beads. the former arkansas governor, mike huckabee, who supported davis is now speaking out. while the media were slob erg all over thim selves, the pope was having a quiet, powerful meeting with the humble apostolic county clerk from kentucky. no comment on that from the vatican. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in a little bit. i wonder if that means it happened. we'll poke around. >> it would have been great to know that while we were still here. >> i'd like to see a picture. >> one bride sending a bill to their cost for their dinner cost because they never showed up. >> tacky, or totally fine? >> we just talked about donald trup plan to fight si is. former navy seal and a
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among the people who say forget about fighting isis, let somebody else do it is donald trump. >> yeah. is that realistic. will that hrt hurt us?
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>> we have -- he's on the committee to look at emerging threats. here we go. we wake up to find out russia told america stop flying military flights over syria. should we stop? >> absolutely not. wa we're seeing is a dismantling of structure in the middle east. and emerging of an axis, a new power that's led by russia, iran, syria and iraq. that is not in the best interests of the united states. our policy has been to promote stability. this is unstable and will continue. but we have led from behind. vacuums are formed because we're doing nothing. our foreign policy has been a failure. when you form a vacuum, it's filled by adversaries or competitors. >> congressman, youlso know what happens after a 90-minute one-on-one conversation to wake up and surprised that we're getting a demand from russia.
3:19 am
that didn't come up in the one-on-one meeting with our president. how are we being viewed around the world? what's the big deal if we're not flying flights over syria? how does that affect the average american? >> well it does. if our foreign policy looking forward is to allow russia and iran that is not in our best interest, general dunford, the new chairman identified russia as the number one threat. and i have great respect for the general. he is correct in this. we see russia expanding in the ukraine, russia expanding in the north pole. it is about oil, influence and energy. and we have an opportunity to export our liquid natural gas, our crude and supplant the cash flow on russia. we need to do that now. >> i imagine you want to do that. but we don't have a guy or anybody in charge of our coalition. general alex says i quit. i have no power anyway.
3:20 am
a clear mission statement. who is in charge? >> air operations alone was never going to work. you know, general conway, former come dant of the marine corps, there wasn't a snowball's chance of it happening. we're witnessing a dismantling of structure that has formed. our allies don't trust us, our enemy doesn't fear us. we have american citizens on the battlefield fighting for isis that we haven't revoked passports or citizenships. at the end of the day, we're witnessing a policy of retreat and it has consequences for america. >> i hope everyone views this as unacceptable and democrats join you in demanding the president stand up to russia before they get too much power. thank you for joining us this morning and your service. >> straight up ahead, he caught the attention of the world. now a much different side of the so-called clock kid is coming
3:21 am
forward. what a former teacher says what he's really like chblgt that's ahead. do you have a problem saying no? >> no. >> no. >> no means no. >> want to rock out tonight. oh, it's you. let me guess no. >> i meant yes to your no. >> how saying no even to your boss can make you more successful, next. flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than one.
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hey, some quick headlines now. disaster averted at an airport. an american eagle flight seen scraping its wing along the runway. mesa airlines, the flight operator says fortunately, there were no injuries. a virginia police officer goes above and beyond to help a young mom after her car collided with a train.
3:25 am
no one hurt. but the car and everything inside destroyed, including her daughter's car seat. when the officer heard what happened, she took the mom to the store and bought her a new car seat. great job law enforcement. steve? >> that's great. she said yes. meanwhile, the key to success could be as simple as knowing when to say no. >> no. >> no. >> yeah, no. >> no means no. >> want to rock out tonight? oh, it's you. yes. >> yes? >> i meant yes to your no. >> might be tough to say. what if there's a way to do it without saying the word? christy wright joins us from the ramsey group to tell us how. it's easy to say no to something awful for the most part. >> sure. >> when something good is presented to you, saying no is tough. how do we do it? >> there's a great formula. start with an affirmation, decline politely and end on something positive. thanks for thinking of me. i'm not able at this time but
3:26 am
think of me next time. >> say you're invited to a party by your friends. situation number one. do you want to go to a party with us. you say, you know that sounds like a great idea. normally i love something like this. but right now i'm overcommitted. let me know when you go again. >> what do you mean overcommitted? >> you don't have an excuse. that's the great thing about the word no. it's a complete sentence. >> a lot of people feel because you're lying essentially, you feel obligated to qualify it. >> yeah. but you really don't. the great thing is your life and your time is just that. it's yours. you don't need a reason. >> just end it at no. >> for instance, when your boss asks to you do something the natural inclination if you want to stay at the company to say yes. you should say no sometimes. >> this is a tricky one. you want to be polite. you can say i would love to help out, if i take on one more thing, it lets the other responsibilities drop. it puts it on the boss to decide where the focus should be.
3:27 am
>> you don't want to take on too much responsibility. >> you want to be wise with your time. if you let things slip, you're not doing a good job in that sense. >> in-laws, they ask you for a favor, some people feel they can never say no. they want to help and do the right thing, but -- >> right. with family we feel a sense of responsibility which is a good thing. sometimes you have to set a boundary and say no and stick to it. i would love to help out, that's not a good day for us. we'd love to help in the future. ending on the positive. >> i have a feeling your in-laws are watching and saying she's so good at saying now. >> christy wright. thanks. good tips. good format here. start with the positive, decline politely. >> thanks for not saying no to appear this morning. one bride sends a bill to her guest for their dinner cost because they never showed up. is that tacky or totally fine? and we already know may gabriel can fly a fighter jet.
3:28 am
what happens when you put her in a stunt plane and shut off the engine? oh, she's going to take us along for that ride next. >> yahoo. but first, happy birthday barry williams, brady bunch actor. he's 61 and all growed up. hold the phone. because at&t and directv are now one! which means you can access your dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants.
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...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. president obama and vladimir putin met yesterday at the u.n. they met, yeah. but the white house and the kremlin have been disagreeing about who asked who to meet. for my younger viewers, that means that they were arguing about who swiped right first. you see what i'm saying? now you understand. >> that's how the kids do it these days. right means yes. left means no. >> that's right. meanwhile, in other news, you
3:32 am
know that texas teenager we've been telling you about, detained in school after officials looked at his homemade clock, thought it might be a bomb. reportedly has a history of trouble. a former teacher of his shedding some light on his past. "fox and friends weekend" co-host anna kooiman is here with the details. >> good morning, steve, elisabeth and brian. 14-year-old ahmed mohammed was personally invited to the white house by the president because of his "cool clock." now we're learning the techie teenager may not be as innocent as he seems. the nation did take notice when the muslim boy was taken out of school when the teacher mistook this for a hoax bomb. now his 7th grade history teacher ralph kubiak tells the dallas morning sun, this isn't the first time he's been in trouble. mohammed was suspended for several weeks during the sixth grade. family friend says it came from blowing soap bubbles in the bathroom.
3:33 am
but kubiak also claims mohammed spent time in a reassignment center the following year to complete a punishment. he also says the "weird little kid" would often bring invention sbos school, like a homemade remote he used to prank a teenager but shutting off a projector in class. kubiak says he's "one of those kids that could either be ceo of a company or head of a gang." kubiak claims he called on that after the clock incident with ahmed bragging on the phone saying this. i'm going to be really big on the internet one day and ahmed was right about that. after the clock incident, he received invitations to facebook, google and the u.n. and previously stated. the white house. it's unknown if president obama is aware of his past disciplinary problems in school. after the clock incident, he said it could inspire more kids to like science. elisabeth, brian and steve. >> some texans feel it might have been a publicity stunt. anna welcome back from your honeymoon. >> thank you. >> great to have you.
3:34 am
>> fantastic, anna. >> want to see pictures later on. >> we sure do. congratulations again. we'll say hi to heather. a manhunt alert for us. >> norts down south keeping a close eye on the situation. there's a manhunt under way for a convicted killer released from jail by mistake. ben jewel johnson was supposed to serve 40 years for man slaut every and a weapons charge. he was set free in louisiana after completing a sentence on another separate less serious charge. investigators blame a computer glitch for that mistake. claiming the manslaughter conviction simply didn't come up. hope to find him. take a close look. a new autopsy report revealing the man who attacked moviegoers inside a tennessee theater was shot 24 times by police before he died. vincent montana walked into the theater armed with a pellet gun, hatchet and pepper spray. he attacked two women and a man
3:35 am
and officers fired off 100 shots in total. take a look at this. held captive by honeybees. this incredible video taken by an oklahoma sheriffs deputy trapped inside his patrol car as thousands of bees were swarming around him. how terrifying. amazingly, though, he was only stung once. the bees were released into the air when there was a truck that was transporting them. look at that. it overturned on the interstate. it took crews hours to clean up that mess. traffic was backed up for four miles. hope nobody got out of that. a bride bills a wedding guest when they fail to show up for the reception. a woman in minnesota says she was shocked when her friend sent her an invoice for $75 noting the cost of the dinner and a call to cancel would have been appreciated. the woman says she and her had every intention of attending but had to stay home when the baby-sitter canceled at the last
3:36 am
minute. she said she doesn't plan to send a check. you can get the service and tax charge. i bet that friendship is over. >> i think that's done. >> i get the anger. >> thanks, heather. >> sending a bill for 75 bucks. what would you do? >> flooding fears up and down the east coast. we've been talking about this. north carolina golf course looks more like a lake after rain pounded that area. the east coast still in the danger zone as tropical storm joaquin gets stronger. maria molina tracking the storm from outside our world headquarters. >> good morning. good to see you and you're absolutely right. we're talking about flooding concerns across the eastern u.s. with some areas reporting as much as 6 inches of rain and it is still coming down out there. i want to start out across the atlantic with tropical storm joaquin. right now, it has maximum sustained winds at 70 miles per hour. it is forecast to become a hurricane coming up later today. right now, it's moving towards the west, southwest. but an eventual turn to the north is forecast over the next two to three days.
3:37 am
close watch on parts of the bahamas out there where hurricane warnings have been issued across the central bahamas. here's a look at the radar.l co portions of new england. very heavy rain. it's going to be a slow commute for you. early this morning and we also have the threat for flooding out there with flash flood watches in effect. here's a code of uncertainty for joaquin. eventually turning northward. forecast to become a category 2 hurricane. winds at 110 miles an hour. the big question becomes, will it make landfall or will it recur of out to sea. what we do know, regardless of the track with the storm, there's still a lot of uncertainty with it, we're expecting a lot of heavy rain through the weekend because of that tropical moisture across the eastern u.s. the flooding threat will continue. let's head back inside. >> that's right. we do know it's going to rain a lot. >> sure is. maria, thanks. from flying f-18s in the knave toy flying a cessna across the country. leah gabriel is always up for the adventure in the skies.
3:38 am
leah joins us now. it's great to have you on the curvy couch. every time i see you, we talk about your adventures and your assignments. i live vicariously through you. >> my last assignment had me remembering navy days. i did aerobatic flying. it was a lot of fun and i wanted to take you all along for the ride with me. >> the national championship air race is here in reno, nevada. it's an annual institution for anyone who feels the need. >> for speed. >> as part of the air races this year, an incredible demonstration by the jet team. they fly the albatross which can go up to 600 miles an hour. they're civilians now, but the team is made up of former french fighter pilots. when i was a fighter pilot, i flew f-18s. >> it's been a long time since i've been in a jet doing formation flying and aerobatics at the same time. this is one of my favorite things i did in the navy.
3:39 am
today, they are going to let me do some flying. i'm in the back seat not the front today. the last time i flew in a formation like this is when i was coming back from a combat deployment. this is incredible. whoo! now pilot is going to let me take the controls. i'm going to try the formation out and see if i can still do it. >> i've got it. >> you got it. >> that was awesome. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> you did it. >> you did not lose your skill. terrific formation. awesome. >> you guys let me fly this a little bit. i got to feel what it was like. but brightly has a lot of toys. i'm wondering if there's anything else i can take out and let it rip with aerobatic
3:40 am
flying? >> absolutely. this afternoon, you'll fly with david martin our aerobatic pilot. >> not just any aerobatic pilot, another former fighter pilot. he's won gold and bronze medals at five world aerobatic championships. >> i'm standing here with david martin. we saw his incredible performance in the air show. you're able to tumble the airplane. >> for the public, to see the airplane do that, they never think an airplane can possibly do, that's what i try to do. my airplane is really good. >> the question i have, when you first figured out how good it is at tumbling, was it intentional or unintentional? >> that's a really good question. it was unintentional. >> you can take the controls. >> whoo! >> can i fly it straight up for a second?
3:41 am
>> sure. >> this is awesome. >> that was good. >> you don't need me up here, huh? >> can we go up and really spin it a few times? >> yea. you got to bring the power off. >> right now? >> yeah. >> all right. here we go. >> and just hold that in. wow. >> we're running out of gas. so we're going to go back. >> whoo! that was awesome. >> i need a dram mean. >> you're amazing. >> oh, my gosh. they're involved with a nonprofit called honor flight. i want to bring this up.
3:42 am
it's for veterans where they fly them back to see morials in washington, d.c. that are dedicated to their honor and service. they're hosting one in october an honor flight for the veterans. i haven't had that much fun. i haven't gotten to spin a plane since 1998. >> me either. >> do you get rusty from doing that? did you feel like it's been a while or no? >> honestly, it feels like it comes right back to you. some of the actual procedures, you heard him basically telling me what to do with the power and that's a different plane than i've flown in the past as well. no. we call them monkey skills as pilots. they do just come back. >> like riding a bike. >> some of them are like riding a bike. >> thank you, lea. >> i can't do that. i can ride a bike. that's cool. >> coming up on this wednesday, the president of planned parenthood nationally grilled on capitol hill defending the organization's right to federal funding. but did she make a case on behalf of the organization. judge napolitano weighs in on that next. outrage over in god we trust
3:43 am
decals on some texas police cars. it's now going viral. he joins us live with his fight for faith ahead. let's look at the judge again. .. i'm angela, and i quit smoking with chantix. for ten long years i was ready to quit. but i couldn't do it on my own. i needed help and chantix was there. and i did it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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3:46 am
heated moments on capitol hill as the fight to defund planned parenthood takes center stage. >> your compensation was -- >> i don't have the figures with me. >> it was. congratulations. >> this is a slide never shown to me before. i'm happy to look at it. it absolutely does not reflect what's happening at planned
3:47 am
parenthood. >> the apology was like what some criminals do. they're not really sorry for what they've done. they're sorry they got caught. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano joins me now. tough grilling there an capitol hill for richards. >> it was tough grilling. she deserves more than a tough grilling. she deserves the wrath of the american people and the reaction by the congress to the utter revulsion what we learned that planned parenthood removes body parts from still living fetuses and sells them for profit, which is a federal crime. >> it sure is. it would be horrific as if this video was about puppies. ashley judd would have a psa about it already. >> when you talk about the questioning about her salary, cecil richards' salary. is that a valid question? it seems to be since we pay it and where does the money go? >> first, it is a valid question because the taxpayers put half a
3:48 am
billion dollars a year into the coffers of planned parenthood. at the same time that a federal statute which has been the law for 30 years and the supreme court upheld it. prohibits federal dollars used on abortion. the question is, are they switching money from one column, maternal health and putting it into another column, abortions only to have the first column replenished by the federal government. so the inquiry about what you're doing with your money is perfectly valid. the inquiry about her salary is perfectly valid. her salary is essentially paid by the taxpayers. what does she do with that salary? she can do what she wants with it. she contributes it heavily to democratic politicians. the planned parenthood is part of the -- individual executives, well-compensated giving political contributions to the democrats that give them the cash. the money sort of circulates around and the american public has the right to know that that's what's happening.
3:49 am
so congressman chaffetz being roughed up a little bit this morning by the pro-abortion crowd is performing a positive public service by revealing to the american people what is happening to their tax dollars or in this case money borrowed in their name. >> which would be the next step before we go. >> they should be defunded. because money is fungible. if you give them $100,000 and don't spend it on abortions but they do that, they're switching money from one column to another. >> yeah. >> this should not be the business of the taxpayers. >> should not. >> judge andrew napolitano. always great to have you. love your insight. >> good to be with you. carl's junior getting into the immigration debate with this racy new ad and america is reacting. your comments aught the top of the our on this one. atheist groups outraged with decals on police cars. the texas cop -- it's now going
3:50 am
vie rah. he joins us with his fight for faith up next. is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
a texas police chief becomes an internet sensation for his epic takedown of an atheist group demanding that they remove the phrase in god we trust from the department's police cruisers. you can see it right there, the decal. chief adrian garcia wrote back, quote, after carefully reading your letter, i must deny your request and ask that you go fly a kite. chief adrian garcia is here along with hiram sasser who both join us from dallas. chief, let's start with you. you got the letter from freedom from religion, and you probably thought, how should you answer it.
3:54 am
why did you decide to say go fly a kite? >> well, i think that was the best alternative at the time. >> i don't blame you. why did you put "in god we trust" on the vehicles to start with? >> well, you know, with all the assaults that are happening across america on law enforcement, i just felt that it was time to have somewhat of a rally cry and what better thing to say than to have our national motto on our cruisers. >> sure. and hiram that's the key. in god we trust while they're trying to scrub it from the town forum, it is our national motto, isn't it? >> well, not only is it our national motto, but, in fact, it's in the star spangled banner or a version of it, the fourth verse, the part we don't sing at the baseball games and it says, and this be our motto, in god is our trust. it's been on our coins since 1864, been official national motto since 1956 and it's undefeated in federal court as
3:55 am
the national motto to all the constitutional challenges to it. and it will probably remain undefeated for the next 200 years. >> and yet this organization, freedom from religion, when they see that, they send these scary letters to, you know, local governments, and all sorts of people across the country. here's an excerpt from the letter they sent you. quote, it is frightening politically dubious for the department to announce to citizens that officers rely on the judgment of a deity, god, rather than on the judgment of the law. and after you saw that, chief, you wrote back to them to say, go fly a kite. you know, another letter is going to come from these people, right? >> i imagine so. >> well, that's right. and not only that, but, dozens of sheriffs and police chiefs across the country have received these demand letters from freedom of religion foundation, and we're actually at liberty institute sweeping across the
3:56 am
country and representing all of these sheriffs and police departments free of charge, and people can learn more about that at >> so hiram are you saying if an organization, a government organization, local, state, whatever, wants to put "in god we trust" on anything, if they get trouble from these guys, this outfit, you'll defend them? >> that's right. liberty institute will represent any sheriff, or police chief, or city or county or whoever the freedom from religion foundation sends these demand letters to, we'll represent them free of charge, so the police should be focused on serving the community. they don't need to be harassed by people sending them threatening letters about our national motto. >> there you go. all right chief, hiram, thank you very much for joining us today to tell your story about telling them to go fly a kite. hilarious. thanks, guys. >> you bet. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us at
3:57 am chris christie is here live. plus saving up for a new iphone? now you can get one for a dollar. we'll show you how.
3:58 am
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he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta! good morning. today is wednesday, september 30th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. extreme weather. tropical storm joaquin near hurricane strength now threatening havoc up and down the east coast. new warnings this morning that the worst is yet to come. buckle up. then a fox news alert. stunning order. president obama from russia this morning. get this stop the airstrikes russia says, get out of syria, they exclaim. and yet vladimir putin will take the lead from here? if you ask donald trump, that's perfectly fine. we'll explain. and the newest voice on the immigration debate. this racy new ad from a hamburger company. carl's jr. what do you think?
4:01 am
we're going to share some of your comments straight ahead. >> borderline. it's borderline. >> what's that about? we'll explain. live from new york, where it's raining! it's "fox & friends." hi, everybody, welcome toen from dprn. we've got a jam-packed hour and one of the things we're going to talk about for parents out there is when you put furniture in place throughout your house are you smart about where you do it? like that kid just climbed up on that dresser and went like that. you know how often that actually happens? because the television set is so heavy and there's so much weight in the front it's lopsided. kids are killed every year. we've got an expert in to show you how to make your house safer so that it's not just a television but a dresser or anything else will come collapsing down on you. >> the advent of the slat screen
4:02 am
have made some things pretty dangerous. also governor chris christie is going to be here live. he got some great news yesterday. maybe the best news he's had yet all around iowa. >> and now this fox news alert for you. serious questions this morning about how many isis inspired americans may be walking right among us. >> garrett tenney live in washington, d.c. with more. garrett? >> u.s. and global experts we've learned have failed to stop the flow of aspiring jihadists into syria. more than 30,000 foreign fighters from 100 different countries have now traveled to syria to join isis. that's according to a congressional study released by the house homeland security committee on tuesday. included in that figure is more than 250 americans. many of which have returned to the u.s. >> we've had 5,000 individuals with western passports, so that's a great concern when it comes to visa waiver countries, in my judgment the threat to the
4:03 am
homeland has never been greater. >> and while president obama spoke about the u.s. and global strategy for isis at the u.n. yesterday, this report also found that his administration lacks a strategy to identify any of those who try to return to the u.s. to commit terror attacks. >> it's not going to be enough to defeat isil in the bat. field. we have to prevent it from radicalizing, recruiting and inspiring others to violence in the first place. and this means defeating their ideology. >> at the same time we're learning the obama administration granted asylum to more than 1500 foreigners with ties to terrorist organizations last year. because they were deemed to have provided support to the group while under duress. steve, brian and elisabeth? >> thank you very much. >> that last part is the scary part. 1500 people in this country. are we keeping on eye on everybody? let's hope so. >> all right. we have another fox news alert.
4:04 am
>> russian officials have demanded that united states warplanes exit syria immediately. if you ask donald trump, it's just fine with him. he is giving putin an "a" for leadership and backs russian efforts to stabilize syria. so far russian officials demand has been answered by the united states, per united states military sources, united states warplanes will not comply with the russian military steps. >> in fairness to donald trump he did not know this when he was interviewed by bill o'reilly last night. this news just came across that russia is telling us, no more overflights over syria. we are here now. so far we have said that we're not going to change our procedure. last week, or a couple of days ago, i should add, we were talking about deconflicted to make sure we didn't hit each other in the skies and that seemed outrageous. but our 62-nation coalition has been told to back off to russia, they're in charge. is that okay? >> a senior united states defense official telling fox
4:05 am
we've had every indication in recent weeks that they, the russians, were going to do something given all the buildup. >> so, you know, the reason we're bringing this up is, you know, this is of global security interest. but also, we had putin in town here in new york city, at the united nations. we've had our president at the united nations. and they were at loggerheads because our president said mr. assad has got to go. and mr. putin says, no. you know what, mr. assad essentially should stay there. he is the lid on -- the lid on the garbage can keeping everything in place, and he was okay with them. donald trump returned to fox last night with bill o'reilly. the topic was what to do with isis. and it turned to, well if putin wants to run things, trump says, you know what, we haven't done so well, let him. listen. >> i think in terms of leadership, he's getting an "a," and our president is not doing so well. they did not look good to the. >> what do you think putin is up to in the middle east? he's moving planes.
4:06 am
he's moving advisers in to syria. what is he up to? >> well, we spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, wounded warriors all over, and putin is now taking over what we started, and he's going in to syria, and he frankly wants to fight isis. and i think that's a wonderful thing. >> once putin gets in and fights isis on behalf of assad, putin runs syria. he owns it, he'll never get out. never. >> all right. okay. fine. i mean, you know, we can be in syria. do you want to run syria? do you want to own syria? >> no, but i think -- >> you want putten in charge? you want putin to get in there and support assad who slaughtered nearly 300,000 of his own and want putin to continue to support iran which says death to america? that's our strategy? >> $2 trillion donald trump is right, maybe it's upwards of that. and we had control of iraq but president obama pulled us out of iraq. he allowed the jv team to take over iraq and syria and that guy
4:07 am
assad that it's okay to leave in power has brutally killed 250,000 people and along with isis has forced 4 million from the country causing a global refugee crisis. and the answer is let russia do it? no. the president obama has embarrassed america on the world stage, and done a terrible job leading a 52-member coalition. and among the people who think that he's way off base is congressman ryan zinke, a former navy s.e.a.l. who joined us earlier. i hope congress does something to restore america's prestige. >> president obama is the commander in chief and he does not have the will, and i think that is, you know, that is clear, he wants to leave office as the guy who ended all the wars and didn't get us tangled up into anything else. and i understand what donald trump is talking about. the average person does not understand assad, mass murder, terrible guy, stuff like that. he's putin's guy, however. they do understand isis. and if russia wants to go into that region, and they're already
4:08 am
mapping right there and they want to take care of isis, let them. >> no indication that they want to take care i've sis. >> i think it might be about oil and money for russia in reclaiming territory. putin might expand the map. >> no doubt it is a power grab, absolutely. and for the first time since the cold war it looks like this president, and this administration, is okay with ceding the control of the middle east to russia. which is on the verge of being a superpower. >> and we're about to lose afghanistan, too. but we don't have time to get into that right now. heather nauert has more news for us. >> that's an awful lot. we start right now with some extreme weather i want to tell you about. there are some serious flooding fears up and down along the east coast. take a look at these cars in hoboken, new jersey, already under water. rain continues to pound down in that area. and check this out, runaway pumpkins raging, in floodwaters in southern virginia. the east coast could be in for a real one-two punch as a second weather system gets set to move
4:09 am
in called tropical storm joaquin currently strengthening over the atlantic. we are going to watch that one throughout the day. and the pumpkins as well. not even the pope could save her life. kelly gissendaner, the woman convicted of plotting the 1997 murder of her husband, was executed overnight in georgia. she was put to death after a five-hour delay and several failed appeals, including one from the pope himself. she's the state's first female to be executed in 70 years. and speaking of the pope, brand new overnight, controversial kentucky clerk kim davis revealing that she met with pope francis while he was here in the united states. he reportedly told her to, quote, stay strong, and also gave her rosie beads. at least that's what she is saying. former arkansas governor mike huckabee who has been by davis' side from the very beginning said quote while media is claerming all over themselves because pope francis commented on climate change he was having a humble and quiet meeting with
4:10 am
humble apostolic county clerk from kentucky. and carl's jr. released a racy new commercial appearing to take aim at the immigration debate. this will wake you up. >> let's settle this. >> you may be looking elsewhere but there's actually a border wall in between these gals right here. this is brian's favorite story of the day. it's the ad for a fast food chain's new tex-mex burger. you can see the bikini clad models representing texas and mexico. they play volleyball over that border wall. team next models cara del toro tells fox news immigration is a hot topic right now. >> we're playing volleyball to try to figure out whether the burger is say texas burger or a mexican burger. i don't think it goes too far. it's really sexy and it's fun and they're playing on what's going on politically with immigration. i think it was a bold move for carl's jr. >> well, a spokesman for the
4:11 am
company says the ad is not a political statement but simply helps to paint a picture about that food. let's bring those ladies in, brian. what do you think? >> i didn't know women celebrate congratulate the same way men do. because men make a good slap on the butt. >> women slap each other on the butt? >> you can't talk about a burger without talking about buns. >> oh, buns. thank you. >> 7:11 here in new york city. have trouble justifying an upgrade from your iphone six to the new iphone 6-s? we've got some incentive for you. how about getting the new model for just a dollar. what do i get for a buck? >> so nice to me thank you so much. steve doocy, everybody. this is pretty good. a dollar a month can get you a new iphone. >> how? >> apple, you know, they had record sales for the launch. the iphone 6, a lot of new features. but if you haven't upgraded yet and you're not thrilled with the phone carrier you have right now there's some great deals out there. carriers trying to get you to switch over. you have to change carriers.
4:12 am
here's some examples. sprint, this is the first one, offered the iphone 6s a buck a month. >> wow. >> you get the iphone plus 6 for 5 bucks a month. but you have to have the first version of the 6. that's the catch. if you have an iphone 5 you get $10 bucks a month and you can still switch. >> can you keep your number? >> you can always keep your number. that's the law. you can always keep your number. t-mobile, their deal, if you switch to them they're going to give you a break on the trade-in charges. iphone 6 $5 a month. plus, $9 a month. verizon trade in the iphone 6 for 6s your one time cost $350. not as good. and if you have a 5s the cost is $300 there. and at&t, which really is, i think, part of the worst deal of all of them you get $300 towards a new phone. you have to switch from another carrier and you've got to have your old phone and you've got to bring it in. these phones are $700, $800.
4:13 am
>> we're at&t. i don't have to offer you much. >> you've got to walk into the store. you've got to be upgraded to the 6 or have a 5 and it's a pretty good deal. >> it's a lot less than i'm paying. all right, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> gas station erupting in flames. and while most people would run for their lives, there's one guy who runs right into the fire. wait until you hear his reason why. >> and we show you the president's preferred approach to foreign policy. shaking hands, and smiling with people like vladimir putin and raul castro. the psychology of hisproach, and our opponents when dr. keith joins us coming after some more animation. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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4:17 am
this is a fox news alert. we have shown you the president's preferred approach to foreign policy. shaking hands, and smiling with people like vladimir putin, and raul castro. do these guys really have the same agenda? is everybody on the same page? joining us right now is fox news contributor psychologist dr. keith ablow. keith, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the news this morning is that putin is flexing his muscles. demanding that u.s. warplanes leave syria. the united states has come back in the last hour or so and said we're not going to do anything. clearly it's a power grab over syria. but it sets up what we're talking about.
4:18 am
putin versus obama. how do you analyze those two gentlemen. >> well, listen, steve, it's so much easier to flex your muscles when you're not an apologist for your thags. when you really believe your nation has manifest destiny or that the ruling party, or the small group ruling the country should be exercising power. so putin is free. he's free to do things in the world to assert himself. president obama has a much different agenda. he's very strong, but his strength is exerted in -- in resisting american advances around the world. in asserting that we don't have the right to influence other countries. so there's a core difference. both people may be strong, but president obama doesn't believe that we should exert our influence around the globe. i don't think he believes that our values at home have been the ones we should cling to. >> but we're the superpower, and russia is the wanna-be
4:19 am
superpower influencer, whatever. and yet it looks like -- you look at the last week, putin has kicked our butt. >> that's right. a sense of intention psychologically, a belief that you have the right, and a right on the face of the earth to achieve things is a very powerful equalizer. >> sure. >> you can't both be retrained and an apologist and be achieving things in the world. now by the way, president obama is achieving what he wants. he wants us to not be present in terms of influence. he wants to fundamentally change the values of this country. >> yeah. >> he's doing it. absolutely. it's part of his legacy. and real quickly speaking of legacy he wants to open up cuba so obama versus castro, real briefly. give me your analysis on these two. >> both men -- both men would put america in retreat. fidel castro and president
4:20 am
obama, the america i know, what i was raised with, my values, both men agree, those things should be in retreat and shouldn't be as present on the face of the earth. they're good friends. >> whew. well he wanted as part of his legacy to open up, you know, relations with iran, and to open up relations with cuba, and both those things have happened. and neither country -- >> and destroy them with israel, which is consistent with this. >> yeah. >> all right. dr. keith, joining us from boston today. sir, thank you very much. >> take care, man. >> all right. coming up, it's an overlooked danger that could be deadly to children. tvs tipping over like this right here. is your tv safe at your house in your living room right now? what every parent needs to neend how to fix it. he's going to help you. and the president of planned parenthood arguing why her organization deserves taxpayer funding. new jersey governor chris christie managed to defund planned parenthood in the garden state. he joins us live to react straight ahead. the cold truth is, (coughing)
4:21 am
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4:24 am
at 24 minutes past the top of the hour. time new for your newsny the numbers. $2.5 million. border agents seized two vehicles. next more than 140 characters twitter is working on a way to let users post longer tweets. the 140 characters limit has been a trade mark feature of the social media site since day one and finally 22 years in a row. microsoft founder bill gates once again topping forbes list of the 400 wealthiest americans. gates is worth $76 billion. >> i bet he's happy. every parent knows kids are curious. but a curious child climbing onto furniture can be deadly.
4:25 am
>> absolutely. watch this right here. new research shows that every two weeks one child dies from a tipover incident involving tvs or other furniture around the house. every 24 minutes a child is put in the emergency room, and these numbers are going up with 19,200 injuries between 2008 and 2010. >> so we got your attention? what do parents need to know. thomas trainor is an advanced certified professional childproofer with all-star baby safety. first off, thomas, i didn't even realize how big a deal this was. is this hard? sit more prevalent with flatscreens as opposed to the old style? >> we have a predominant amount of flat-streen tvs now instead of the old big box tv. so it's going to be more of a statistic with flat-screen because there's just more of them. everyone is throwing away the old boxes or putting them in the basement or in the child's room on top of a smaller piece of furniture, which is also -- >> so what can we do? >> -- statistic. the first thing we're going to do is suggest that you mount
4:26 am
your flat-screens to the wall. that can be done with one of the wall-mount brackets. it's a very simple installation. >> so you're talking about if a tv is on a piece of furniture where it's not actually mounted to the wall, you should essentially tether it to the wall even though it's free standing? >> and the furniture. a lot of people don't realize that a piece of furniture can tip just simply by sometimes pulling out the drawers. if you've ever worked in an office and pulled out the file cabinets -- >> boom. >> it starts coming over. if the tv is on top of that your child is in trouble. >> so the cables for cords. why are those important? >> you don't want the child to be able to pull on the cord. pull it down. >> so hide them? >> and also there's some lead coatings on some of the wires. >> this is say television. imagine this is a dresser in a kid's room. you have these straps which i have never seen before. how do you -- that way you can tether the television to the wall. where do the straps come from? >> these are by safety
4:27 am
innovations and they are attached to the existing, what's called vessel holes in the back of the tv that are designed to hold the brackets for the tv. they're very strong. every flatscreen is going to have them. then what we're going to do is either go into the walk or go into the furniture, into the back you have another adjustable strap on these. these are professional grade, so you can move them all around. >> right here this actually would awatch to the back of the furniture? right into the back of the furniture. >> or the wall. now it's very important if you're going to screw into the back of the furniture you have to make sure that the furniture can't tip, as well. >> sure. >> so the thing that's important is you shouldn't make things look enticing to go up and be able to climb and grab your television. >> can't tell you how many times i've seen remote controls on top of tvs, toys, we're disciplining our child so we're going to take a toy away from him and put it up on top of the tall dresser. >> and they climb the dresser. >> because we know kids don't listen. at least mine. >> you were telling us, on the
4:28 am
tv show teletubbies they suggested what? >> hugging. >> hugging the tv? >> so we did hear that there was a lot of children, toddlers mostly, hugging the tvs, and then pulling them on top of them. >> okay. so there is a way where you can tether the television to the wall or to the furniture. if people would like more information -- >>, international association for child safety and >> thank you so much. >> good job. >> great work. >> all right coming up on this wednesday, gas station erupts in flames and while most people would run for their lives there's one guy who runs into the fire. wait until you hear the reason why he did that. >> plus the president of planned parenthood arguing why her organization deserves taxpayer funding. new jersey governor chris christie managed to defund planned parenthood in new jersey. he joins us live to react right here. right now.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
fox news alert. a stunning order this morning to president obama from russia. stop the airstrike in syria and get out of the country and let vladimir putin take the lead. that is what russia is asking. our department of defense has since said the united states will not comply. donald trump thinks that is, however, a good idea to turn things over to vladimir putin. what about his fellow presidential contender, new jersey's governor chris christie joins us live on the couch. >> good morning. >> is donald trump off base? >> he's wrong. he's just wrong. the american people really want the future whether isis attacks the united states to be determined by russia and vladimir putin? i don't think so.
4:33 am
and maybe this president is, you know, not pursuing isis the way he should. i don't think he is and hasn't been. he calls them the jv and apparently donald is now in the same boat. >> it's important to bring up that breaking news donald trump didn't know when he was interviewed last night that russia told us stop with the overflights, they're in charge now. what is your reaction? >> well listen. here's the problem. 40 years we've kept russia out of the middle east. 40 years we've kept them out of the middle east and this president is now going to let them back in? they're teaming with iran. our good friends in iran. all right? and now you look and say we're in a period of this agreement with iran supposedly and now they're teaming with russia to try to dominate the middle east. that's what this is the beginning of and that's what the american people need to understand. and any candidate for president needs to understand. this is the beginning of russia trying to replace america as the major power in the middle east. >> it's another axis of evil essentially, isn't it? >> listen, it's an awful group of folks. you don't want those folks
4:34 am
determining our future. do the american people really want isis to be combatted and decided on whether they're going to come after us by vladimir putin? >> but we're not doing anything, really. i mean, bombing some stuff but it's not effective. and we've got people at the cia cooking the books. puts a happy face on it. >> it's not effective. but the choice that needs to become effective not to turn it over to russia. i mean, i don't know about all of you, i watched the interview with vladimir putin this weekend and i said this guy is an articulate, smart, thug. and the fact is, he's not going to be an easy adversary to deal with. we're certainly ill equipped by having a president, anybody else who thinks that we should allow russia to take on isis and we should take a back seat has its fundamental misunderstanding. >> it will be interesting -- >> when they said they were the number one geopolitical threat -- >> i've been saying when that debate happened in 2012 and his president was so snarky in his
4:35 am
response to mitt romney that he was going to omit romney an apology and he does. but of course we'll never get it because this president doesn't apologize. >> let's ask about what the american people want when it comes to planned parenthood. cecile richards was grilled on capitol hill to her salary, and you know the video that came out with harvesting baby parts for profit. of course the american people deserve to know what she makes, and why should planned parenthood be funded at this point is the main question. how do you think that went there? you managed to defund planned parenthood in your own state. >> we did. we defunded planned parenthood six years ago. my democratic legislature sent bills to fund planned parenthood eight different times and we vetoed it eight different times and had those sustained. the problem in washington, d.c. now is that even after the hearings yesterday, people just don't feel like congress knows what it's doing and can be effective in getting things done. and if you can't get something done, at least be able to get it to the president's desk and make the president stand up and say, he is for the systematic murder of children in the womb, in a way that maximizes their body
4:36 am
parts for sale on the market. let's make the president, hillary clinton, say they stand for that. and that will be a good thing to have in the campaign next fall. >> look. planned parenthood is famous because they are the largest provider of abortions in the united states of america. and yet when the talk has been of defunding them, there have been a number of democrats who are supporting them saying look, they're the largest provider of health care for women, and you know what? that's where women go for mammograms. well as it turns out, it's not. >> it's not true. >> they don't even have a mammogram machine in any of the locations. listen to this from yesterday. cecile richards. >> -- planned parenthood clinics have mammogram machines? >> there aren't any planned parenthood clinics, i believe, to the best of my knowledge, not any have mammogram machines. >> well there goes that argument. >> well, listen, they refer. the fact is in new jersey we have federally qualified health
4:37 am
clinics that treat both men and women for the full range of all of their health challenges. >> right. >> and that's what we've been funding in new jersey. it's the right way to do it. and the way of funding planned parenthood is the wrong way to do it. it's a political issue and the democrats stand for abortion. and that's why they want to stand with planned parenthood. >> and on twitter, 140 characters or not, he has got a million followers already among the people who said he should not be allowed is governor pataki. how does governor christie feel? >> i'm not worried about what he's doing on twitter. i'm worrying what he did to united states national security. by the way, let's talk about this. where is edward snoend right now? >> russia. >> yeah, so the guy that donald trump wants to turn over the fight to isis to is harboring edward snowden who has done more damage to american national security in the last five years than any other person. this guy is a criminal and he's a traitor. i don't care whether he's on twitter or not. could we please start talking about something that's important? and that's what i've been trying to say during this campaign. you think people watching this
4:38 am
morning really care whether edward snowden is on twitter? what they really care about is what he's done to national security which his president permitted him to do and the fact that now we have russia harboring him and the president yesterday getting rolled over by vladimir putin. and this morning being ordered by vladimir putin. imagine we have an american president being ordered by vladimir putin and a major presidential candidate saying let's turn over the fight to isis. >> talk about following. your hashtag is working in iowa. you accomplished a major thing there with huge donor, bruce ruffstetter. how does it feel to have iowa in your pocket right now? >> it feels good that we're going to be able to compete there. we want to compete in every state across the country and now, we have the governor had two former campaign managers, his former chief of staff and almost all of the major donors who are now supporting our campaign. we're going to compete real hard in iowa and compete hard in new hampshire. this,you know, keep everything
4:39 am
in perspective. >> this changes for you. you were saying new hampshire or bust. now you're saying iowa i can compete for the first time. >> listen, that's what campaigns are for, right brian? so we've been working hard. we've been the ones laying out issues that the american people care about. i can't tell you how many people have spoken to me since the debate, we're so glad that you were up there to get carly and donald to stop talking about themselves, and their business records, and to get people to start talking about the issues that matter to us that are going to improve the lives for ourselves and for our children. and that's the kind of common sense that we're trying to bring to this campaign. and let people know that there is a way to do this. to fight congress, to fight the stuff that's going on in washington. and to stand up for the people that matter. that's why you see folks in iowa getting on the campaign now. and we're going to move to each and every state and be competitive. >> and you've got #deardc where folks can send a message to lawmakers? >> absolutely. you want to see some things that need to be edited.
4:40 am
and if edward snowden wants to send something -- >> of course -- >> your message is get the hell off twitter. >> we'll turn him in to the justice department. >> -- he might not be back again for awhile. >> you will find a way to watch. >> all right. >> all right. governor chris christie good to see you. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. to extreme weather, something you're familiar with the extreme weather pattern battling the east coast the rain and wind causing serious problems on long island in new york, where a tree came crashing to a car. maria molina is tracking the storm right now. >> good morning. and we actually just got an update from the national hurricane center and that is that joaquin now has maximum sustained winds at 75 miles an hour making it a hurricane. please ignore that banner, should read hurricane joaquin. it is officially the hurricane. the pressure has continued to drop, 971 mill bars right now. and that is a sign it is
4:41 am
intensifying. currently moving to the southwest. we do anticipate in the next few days it will turn northward. we have this cold front through parts of the eastern u.s. and we anticipate that this trough really should begin to pick up that storm over the next few days and take it toward the northward track. concern with the front right now is that we have a lot of heavy rain across portions of new england, flash flood watches in effect out here because of that flooding potential. but here's a look at the storm. again it is a hurricane right now. not a tropical storm. maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. and forecast to intensify even more potentially into a category 2 storm. right now the mid-atlantic coast and also parts of the northeast in the cone of uncertainty. a lot of uncertainty as far as where the storm is exactly going to go in the next five days or so. but of course, we'll keep you updated. >> the key is it's going to be a big rainmaker, right? >> a big rainmaker. even if it doesn't make landfall, if it stays offshore, a lot of tropical moisture forecast this weekend, across the eastern u.s. so flooding will continue to be a big issue out here. >> thank you for keeping an eye
4:42 am
on that, maria. you just heard president of planned parenthood admit that they don't do many mammograms. but is that enough evidence to defund the organization? new former speaker of the house with how to handle that next. be burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain.
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on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? quick headlines right now. a group of heroes risked their lives to save an elderly couple from a burning car. the vehicle hit a gas pump in australia. strangers drag a 90-year-old driver to safety and then carry
4:46 am
his 81-year-old wife away from the flames. look at that. they both survived with bumps and bruises. oh, my. the hotly anticipated james bond film vector is the most expensive film in the series' history. in large part because of an astounding $36 million worth of cars! they destroyed $36 million worth of cars during the filming. that includes seven of the custom aston martins bond will be driving through rome. $36 million worth of cars. >> a lot of air bags. a heated hearing on capitol hill as the president of planned parenthood cecile richards faced congress for the first time since secret videos put her organization in the spotlight. republicans threatening to defund the group. did this hearing give them the ammunition they need to get the job done or did it distract? let's ask newt gingrich. newt, what do you think they accomplished yesterday, republicans? and what do you think she accomplished as leader of planned parenthood? >> what me wants to do is ignore
4:47 am
the abortion question, ignore what happens when they cut babies up in order to sell their parts. and she wants to, you know, get into a mantra of women's health. i think when they got her to admit that they, in fact, do not do any mammograms at all, zero, it weakened their case. and i think the polling numbers are very wrong. if you say to people, would you be comfortable if congress gave all of the women's health money to organizations that did not perform abortion, i think you'd find overwhelming majority that says sure, that's makes sense. and if you said to them, you have an organization that is literally cutting up babies so that the parts can be sold, would you want to close that down? i think you'd have a huge majority appalled at the idea that we allow that to happen in the united states. >> from what i was able to hear they weren't talking enough about the videos and what they actually contained that were not edited, and an editor expedience purposes so you don't have to
4:48 am
watch hours of people going to the rest room -- >> look -- >> and less about funding and salaries. >> every reporter who tries to protect planned parenthood by getting off on this editing thing should be asked one question. do you believe they cut up babies for the parts? yes or no. and there's no question that they have been cutting up babies -- >> right. >> i mean i just think that it is so unbelievable in america that we would allow babies to be cut up for their parts. i can't imagine the average american would tolerate it. >> they got $22 million over five years. they also give a lot of money to democratic candidates. meanwhile i want to talk to something else about the other hot issue on capitol hill and that's the next speaker of the house. any doubts it will be kevin mccarthy in your mind, newt gingrich? >> no everyone i talked to think it will be kevin. he's a great guy. he's going to be a good leader. he's very articulate and i think that he will be a very effective speaker. i think he'll be a visionary speaker, and one who is willing
4:49 am
to go out and communicate a great deal. i very much believe kevin will be speaker. >> what do you think about joan yeah goldberg calling you the best politician essentially of our age? >> i love jonah. i certainly like that. my mom up in heaven is reading it and thinking jonah got my son right. but i think that there are a lot of good people out there doing a lot of smart things. you just had one on a minute ago in chris christie. so it's an interesting time. i have to say my good friend tom price i think has an excellent chance to become the majority leader. he represents the district i used to have. he is a supporter of mine as a medical doctor, was a state senator. if he does get it, and there will be several good candidates in that race, if he does get it he would be a great majority leadership >> newt gingrich, thanks so much. you're always a heck of a pundit and offer good insight. >> thank you. good to be with you. coming up straight ahead, a couple had two tickets to the padres game. but they really needed three after a mom goes into labor right in the middle of the ball
4:50 am
park. mom and baby with their incredible story. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator
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it came out of left field. a baby born during a san diego padres baseball game, inside petco park. it's a story that mom jamie and emt donna will be telling for the rest of their lives. they join me now along with new baby levi. good morning to you all. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> jamie, i see levi is taking a nice rest right there. >> he is. >> there you are. we've heard of the seventh inning stretch. but the third inning push. what happened? >> no time to get out. >> so you're there, you're
4:54 am
watching the game. tell us what happened. >> so, i actually didn't even make it to my seat. we were on our way to our seat, and started having contractions. and decided it was probably time to turn around. and started making our way back out of the park, but didn't make it. >> didn't quite make it. but someone made her way to you and this is donna right next to you. donna, how did you spot jaime? and talk about a catch? you brought this baby -- >> actually i'm one of the rns that work at petco park as an employee. and we got the call from the elevator controller who made the call, and we got in our little cart that even has the siren, and got to jaime in the nick of time. >> just in the nick of time. >> its before a 12-minute run from the time we got there until the time she got into the ambulance with baby. >> the padres tweeted about it.
4:55 am
everyone's excited. i'm assuming he'll be a fan for life there in that stadium. >> absolutely. >> without a doubt. when you heard it -- did you hear it announced over the loud speaker? because there were about 31,000 people at that game who then continued to tweet about it and talk about it. what was that like for you? >> i was actually already at the hospital when that happened. the padres pr person called and asked if they were, you know, authorized to make an announcement on the jumbotron, and announced that there had been a baby. so i told him of course. it's not every day that a baby is important at petco. >> they did tweet out that the great crowd of 31,137 here tonight of course that doesn't include the baby boy that was born at petco park around the third inning. jaime if you were to list an mvp all-star player of the game, who would it be? >> levi. >> and maybe levi would actually
4:56 am
nominate donna, as well. what a story, a victory for sure. fans for life. and we thank you for your time today. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ball park baby. donna, great job. way to be there. i love this. talk about clutch. coming up, donald trump says that he's fine letting russia take the lead in the fight against isis. meanwhile fellow candidate governor chris christie says trump could not be more wrong. laura ingram is going to weigh in on that for you next. and if you were wondering if the drama on the hit show million dollar listing was real, well you heard it right here. >> it does appear that you just hate the guts of that guy josh. oh, you do? >> amen. >> why? >> you know, it's a compliment. he's arrogant. >> okay. cue the awkward alert. the co-star who just called arrogant is here with us to react next hour.
4:57 am
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good morning to you. today is wednesday, september 30th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. breaking right now, joaquin strengthening to a hurricane. and it could be taking aim at the united states. the latest on the storm's track and what it means for millions of americans on the east coast. >> looks like it's heading our way. meanwhile a stunning admission from controversial clerk kim davis. i met with the pope! then how and when did that happen? laura ingram joins us live from washington where she met with the pope. >> all right. carl's jr. getting into the immigration debate with this racy new ad and america's reacting. and you're in america as you're watching us. your comments are coming up. want to remind you, mornings are better with friends. >> oh, i'm in new orleans -- >> yep, ladies and gentlemen,
5:01 am
that is a live picture from the great state of arkansas. gary logan assistant principal at wood row cummins elementary school where he's warming up because while many across america the carpool line is a desolate, sad place because people are just lined up, this man sings and dances every morning as the kids are hauled in for another day of schooling. >> what a bright light he is. love that. >> yeah, i know. >> another bright light speaking of, heather nauert. >> i sent that so my son's principal. >> maybe it's trending. >> good morning to you all. we start with an extreme weather alert. joaquin is now officially a hurricane. just moments ago, the storm churning in the atlantic reaching high winds, high enough to be considered a category 1 storm at this point. in the mean time, there is another storm system that sbaterring the east coast today. cars in hoboken, new jersey, already under water this morning as rains pound down in the area.
5:02 am
this thing affecting the whole east coast. we'll bring you posted on any updates as we get them. not even the pope could give her life. kelly gissendaner, the woman plotting to murder her husband back in 1987 was put to life in georgia. after a delay and several fail add peels including one from the pope himself. she's the first female to be executed in that state in 70 years. and then disaster barely averted at a texas airport. an american eagle regional flight, take a look at this, scene scraping its wing along the runway during a landing. mesa airlines, that was the flight's operator, says there were no injuries, and that plane is now being inspected for damage. how terrifying would that be? and then you know the controversial kentucky clerk court, court clerk rather kim davis says that she met with pope francis while he was in washington, d.c. her legal team says the pope told her to quote, stay strong. and even gave her some rosary beads. former arkansas governor mike
5:03 am
huckabee, who has supported davis, is now speaking out about that supposed visit saying, quote, while the media elite were slobbering all over themselves because pope francis commented on climate change, the pope was having a quiet and powerful humble meeting with the apostolic county clerk from kentucky. no comment yet from the vatican. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. >> thanks so much. >> laura ingram joins us once a week. today is the day. that would have been quite a headline if we would have known that the pope had met with kim davis while he was in town. >> yeah, well it doesn't surprise me that the vatican didn't publicize this or make a big to-do about it. the pope came to the united states to deliver, you know, i think what the vatican's approach was, was a very inclusive, very positive message, and he did speak about the family, he talked about how the family is under attack perhaps like never before, how people are caught in a cycle of despair and loneliness and stuck on their cell phones and not
5:04 am
really talking to one another. so i think his message was very universal, and he -- except for the climate change thing, he didn't go head-on, on specific policies, or controversies. but he spoke in more general terms about the need to respect and love one another, including people who disagree with you. >> right. big picture, guys. >> it was the dominant story. now talk about the brand-new story we woke up to. turns out russian officials have demanded that the u.s. warplanes exit syria immediately. >> now! >> we have so far said we're not going to alter our behavior. in fact we've conducted, 30 separate airstrikes in iraq and syria. that's according to our coalition officials against isis. so it seems like we're ignoring him. what do you think about this latest chapter, and re-emergence of vladimir putin in russia on the world stage? >> well, it's especially interesting given that icy handshake between putin and obama behind closed doors, who knows twhat happened between the two.
5:05 am
now that we know that russia and china are inside of syria, they clearly don't want to see this further destabilize, whether you know, they think assad should stay permanently or not. they have a presence there. so now the u.s. comes in with these 30 airstrikes, and it's no surprise that someone like vladimir putin will say how dare you? immediately vacate the territory. he was just on "60 minutes" saying that russia's purpose was not a purpose to dominate syria. right. he was trying to play this game. we're just doing the commonsense thing. so why is he upset about u.s. airstrikes then? >> laura, so donald trump says hey, you know, let's let putin handle it, focus on rebuilding, echoing a little bit of obama's position as of late. we asked governor chris christie, presidential candidate for 2016 right here on our curvy couch, is donald trump saying let putin handle all that's going on in syria and the middle east, whether doesn't trump was right or wrong and this is what chris christie had to say.
5:06 am
>> wrong. he's just wrong. the american people really want the future of whether isis attacks the united states to be determined by russia and vladimir putin? 40 years we've kept him out of the middle east and this president is now going to let them back in? they're teaming with iran, our good friends in iran, all right? and now you look and say we're in the honeymoon period of this agreement with iran supposedly. and now they're teaming with russia to try to dominate the middle east. that's what this is the beginning of. and that's what the american people need to understand, and any candidate for president needs to understand. this is the beginning of russia trying to replace america as the major power in the middle east. >> who's right? >> well, i think it's complicated. right? i think there's one wing of the republican party that wants america to be, you know, going back in the middle east head-first. and there are other people out there, maybe trump's one of them, who is like well we've got to wash our hands of the whole region. i don't think that's quite what trump is saying. but the reality is we have to
5:07 am
remember where the american people are, and i think it's a little bit dodgy for republicans to think they're going to go into the fall of 2016 with a, we're going to go back to the middle east, we're going to knock out russia and syria, we're going to, you know, put boots on the ground or something close to that in syria to try to replace -- i'm not sure that's going to work. and i think a humble but strong foreign policy may be airstrikes combined with some other type of military endeavor might be what we do. but, i just think we have to be really careful how we decide to get in and when we decide to get in. >> sure. >> and maybe it's a compromise between what christie is saying and what trump is saying and maybe there's something kind of in the middle. >> one thing is clear, if we're not in, somebody else will be in. and they're not going to be nice guys. >> well, that's kind of the case all around the world, though, right? why don't we go into the congo then? why don't we do more -- >> -- in the congo the middle east? >> yeah, well, yes, but we also
5:08 am
have to understand that where we push somewhere else we're going to get pulled elsewhere. so we have a lot at stake right now vis-a-vis our relationship with china. which obviously is terrible. we're getting taken to the cleaners there. so, where we expend resources i taken away from somewhere else. maybe that's the right call. you have people on the show who are a lot smarter than i am on this region. i'm analyzing the political aspect of this. and the political aspect is, the republican party has to put forth a foreign policy that makes sense to the average american. okay, how is america's involvement in syria going to make our life better and more secure at home? maybe that's an easy argument to make and it could very well be. but i think we've got to -- >> right because right now you know, we're supposedly the overlord of what's going on there, and it's not working out. >> i also, guys, just one more thing. i think if republicans are a little bit clearer on the refugee issue, and they say look we're going to take a pause on this refugee thing because we've got to handle isis, make sure none of those people are coming
5:09 am
here. maybe that would make more sense. or if we closed our border here, people would say we're serious. we've got to balance this out a little bit more and be careful how we proceed. >> laura twice you talked about how important it was to project what kind of a foreign policy we would have going forward. but when you look at the past week, at the foreign policy that the president has had, there you see the president shaking hand with the iranian foreign ambassador. clearly was a mistake or happenstance thing but nonetheless he did it. he met with raul castro. was historic. and then of course you've got the icy toast betwixt the president and the putin. >> yeah, i mean when "the washington post" today has a piece out about how obama is now kind of back on his heels, he's surprised that all these multilateral institutions aren't working toward the peace and harmony in the world, and how more really does fall on america because of our historic role in the world. he's surprised by that.
5:10 am
that, that's, he never understood that. i always say wwrd, what would rag done? reagan understood that america had to project strength but project a strong economic engine at home that we could fund this military. and make all these other countries so afraid they wouldn't even dare go into syria. right now we're weak at home and we're projecting weakness abroad as well. it's a terrible combination. >> so laura yesterday was a big day pertaining to planned parenthood on big clash on on capitol hill there with the lawmakers really took it particularly cecile richards to task over her salary. and democrats tried to flip it on jason chaffetz calling him misogynist saying how dare you ask about her salary. your thoughts? >> yeah, i mean, this is when you just have no other card to play. let's remember, these same liberals were more upset about cecil the lion, than they were about cecile at planned parenthood, okay? so cecile at planned parenthood, oh, the poor damsel in distress who makes half a million dollars a year while the taxpayers
5:11 am
shoveled $500 million a year to planned parenthood. and she's being put upon because she has to defend these barbaric practices? that is a pathetic and transparent attempt to shift blame away from the barbaric practices of the abortuaries across this country and planned parenthood and towards someone like a jason chaffetz. it's so obvious. anyone who is a serious individual knows what's happening and they don't have a leg to stand on -- >> also talked about his wife and his mom. >> exactly. >> 86% of planned parenthood's revenue comes from abortions. >> of course it does. >> sure. but what about the argument we've got to have planned parenthood because they provide for women, mammograms and yesterday how many mammogram machines do you have? oh, we don't have any. >> yeah. >> well it's another lie that has been perpetrated by the lame stream media across the country. oh, it's women's health. they're in the business primarily to do one thing. as many abortions as possible. >> yeah. >> if you can get them in and out the door without asking many
5:12 am
questions about what they're about to do to their own bodies and offspring, get them in and out. get this revolving door going so women come in and then they leave as fast as possible, having -- having -- having committed an abortion. that's their goal. because that's where all the money is and they want to keep that going without any federal oversight, without any state oversight. all of that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the democrats know it and after the pope's visit when he talks about life and protecting life, i hope all those catholics on the committee are looking at themselves in the mirror and maybe they should look at themselves instead of jason chaffetz. >> as nbc, abc and cbs all reported they looked at her as irspirited and unfazed. >> that's what you have to do when you want to avoid the truth. you have to shift the blame. >> laura ingram, thanks so much. 12 minutes after the hour. >> coming up, did you see this? edward snowden is resurfacing on twitter! following only one entity, the nsa. while this mean time a thousand people at fort meade just opened
5:13 am
twitter. so is he a patriot or a russian patsy? peter johnson jr. tackles that. >> and imagine your kid starting school like this. ♪ meet the principal -- he's fantastic, who uses his epic dance moves to put a smile on students' faces every single morning! >> that's live, folks. ♪
5:14 am
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in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. can you hear me now? edward snowden, the former government contractor who leaked top secret service about the nsa and is now taking refuge in russia just found a new home on twitter. he quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers. close to a million. but some want his account shut down now. here to discuss fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. so, can you hear me now? immediately when he did that he got over 100,000 followers like that. >> and former governor george pataki who was a presidential candidate twent on stwiter and said twitter is a great american company that should not give a platform for terrorists or
5:18 am
traitors, jack, shut down snowden today. jack is twitter's interim ceo. let me tell you my thoughts on it. i think it's so charming and wonderful that mr. snowden is on twitter. he's a true american patriot that we should venerate. we beatify, we should sanctify. we should put him in the halls of american heroes. he's a russian boy toy. he is a patsy for the russians. this is a joke. this is a pathetic joke on america and an assault on america. they say well he sought asylum. he's seeking asylum because the federal government wants to put him in jail for 30 years for engaging in espionage against the united states of america. so know he's got a million followers. the head of the hayden planetarium is having a little chat with him. this isn't charming. he's not a hero. we have it upside down. at the was a patriot and he believed what he was doing was right, then he'd come home and face the charges.
5:19 am
meanwhile, he's got a private security guard in moscow. the russians provided him with a job. they're giving him aid and comfort. he's not for america at this point. i really don't care. i don't want to talk about him anymore or his silly little twitter feed. because it's an embarrassment to this country. >> he's got a million followers. he is following the nsa. meanwhile he said 1,000 people at fort meade just opened twitter. >> that's a narcissistic, self-absorbed wonderful little twitter feed he has. maybe he can manipulate americans' opinion and 22-year-olds in america who think it's just wonderful that you take a government job, vow to tell the truth and take an oath to america, and then violate it. and then run away. he's run away. come home, mr. snowden. come home! the twitter feed is not enough. >> hashtag that from peter johnson jr. >> russian patsy. >> great to be with dow. >> good to see you.
5:20 am
>> i'd retweet that by the way if there was a tweet. they're allowing more than 140 characters. coming up, talk about a sting operation. how one cup got ambushed by a massive swarm of bees. and did you ever wonder if the drama on hit show "million dollar listing" is real? >> it does appear that you just hate the guts of that guy josh alban. oh, you do? >> amen. >> why? >> you know what? it's a compliment. he's arrogant. >> okay. well apparently it is real. josh and his fiancee here with reaction to that, next. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich.
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5:23 am
my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. quick headlines now. minnesota's the latest state to call a bb gun a firearm.
5:24 am
a judge issuing the ruling after a drug felon was found with one in his car. that will now set a precedent. and oklahoma sheriff's deputy trapped inside his patrol car as thousands of bees swarm around him. amazingly he was only stung once. that's acarding to him. the bees got loose when the truck transporting them overturned on the interstate. bad news for everybody. well, brian, the eighth and most cutthroat season of "million dollar listing los angeles" is back and rivalries among l.a.'s most elite and prestigious real estate agents runs deeper than ever. >> we were up for this listing. did you know that? >> i did know that. i appreciate the competition. >> of course. >> it disappear you just hate the guts of that guy josh altman. oh, you do? >> amen. >> why? >> you know what? it's a compliment. we work within a one mile radius of each other and he's arrogant. >> well, they hate him. and he's our next guest. here to respond to that is real
5:25 am
estate powerhouse himself, and the author of a brand-new book called "it's your move" josh altman along with his fiancee heather who we see on the tv show. >> hi. >> good morning. >> they hate you. >> thanks for showing that. that's really nice. and at least allowing me to counter that. >> do you hate them? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. listen, i respect anybody who's in the same business as me, as they said it is very cutthroat. we see each other a lot more than we want to. but when we're not filming we're definitely not hanging out. >> so you may -- they may not be crazy about you, but you are okay with them because it's the nature of the business. >> you're also not really considered competition for him. >> oh, listen to you. >> let's just be honest right now. >> the girlfriend. >> that's my girl. >> so they're not competition. but what about her? because you are in the same business and heather do you ever come home and say, i just sold that $10 million place down the street? and he goes, well i sold two $5 million places? >> of course. it's healthy competition. >> yeah. it's very competitive household.
5:26 am
she's an incredible agent and more my competition than those guys. >> can you explain to me why, and we should point out that this -- all those real estate shows we watch them at our house, why is it america loves those kinds of shows? >> it's entertaining. everyone wants to see how the other side is living. >> people get home at the end of the day, long day, they want to kind of just zone out and just watch how, you know, a lot of these rich and famous clients live, and at the same time, you know, this is the biggest investment that people are doing in their lives and they want to learn. we get a lot of people who say, i used the stuff that i learned on the show in the house buying process. >> well, and that's why you wrote the book called "it's your move." you know if you buy the book, you learn the secrets. but you can tell us right now. what is the secret? you've got a strategy. >> well i do and it's called calculated confidence. and that's when you become an expert enough in whatever field you're in. and by the way this is not just for realtors, it's for
5:27 am
everybody. but you've got to learn to trust your gut. a lot of the biggest sales, or biggest decisions i made in my life, you follow your gut. you're comfortable enough with that and you believe in yourself. don't listen to those little voices in your head, kind of, should i do this? should i not? you go for it. if you fall back down, which i've done many times, you get back up and use that as a learning experience. >> that's the key. and heather you're smiling because you know that oftentimes when you take a big risk you do screw it up, and then what do you do? >> you pull yourself back up and learn from it. and make sure you don't do it again. >> okay. >> and you did assist him in the production of this book because i'm sure he wrote stuff down and then you would say -- >> yeah, definitely. you know, let's give him more. if they want to know more about you. >> i literally said to heather are you sure i should put this on paper? i would always bounce ideas off of her. so we really put everything out there. we talk about personal experiences that you've seen on the show. >> right. >> as well as business opportunities. >> for people who love the show, check out the book. it is called "it's your move."
5:28 am
it's out today and check out the show on bravo. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> all right. straight ahead this just in smoking while pregnant may harm your grandchildren. the details on that coming up next. and he's got the moves. how this assistant principal is helping students kick off their day on the right foot. we're going to take you live to arkansas, to meet that guy. .
5:29 am
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now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? ♪ >> happy monday. >> that's right. heading to school with anything but routine for one group of students. and the assistant principal using epic dance moves and motown moves to get his students a jump-start on their day. what inspired this teacher to twist and shout? >> what a great question. joining us right now, assistant principal himself gary logan and his students from woodrow cummins elementary. all right mr. assistant principal. how did this fun start? >> hi. it started with my love for music. made the discovery we had a wireless bluetooth system that i could carry around and that's what i did. i just started playing music. >> and you've gotten everyone smiling. i hear you get requests from
5:33 am
students, is that true? you'll also call out a parent if they're on their cell phone in their car during the pickup lines, correct? >> oh, yeah. the kids like to request music, and if i catch parents breaking the rules we'll let them know outside. absolutely. >> we're looking at some of the video where you act with your mr. microphone there. you also give the parents a little grief if they're late in the car pool line, don't you? >> oh, yeah. i do so of late. i'm walking in. i'm going to let you know i noticed. i want you to be here tomorrow on time. >> you're smiling. do you get the smiles back? you notice a different feeling amongst the parents and the kids? oh, yeah the parents they laugh right back. they know i'm kidding around with them, because it's just kind of the relationship, the rapport we have with our parents. they respond. i've had a couple that have been on time every day since i made fun of them. >> he's not calling me out
5:34 am
again. >> what's been the biggest change in the kids since you started doing this? what have you seen? >> the noise level. it's loud. but that's what we enjoy. >> they certainly are. >> in front of your elementary school in conway, arkansas, you sing in the morning. you dance in the morning. we got a live camera right here right now, mr. logan. how about seeing you bust a move and sing a song. you want me to bust a move? >> right now? >> why not? >> i'm going to have my kids help me out. >> okay. >> is that all right? >> yep. >> all right. here we go if the music will cooperate. you all ready to dance? all right, here we go. let's roll. i can't dance but they all can. spread out.
5:35 am
>> it's all about the crowd control. >> everybody wants to be up front. >> i love this. >> all right. back up. where's this little baby at that can really dance? ♪ >> oh, that's one of the best things we've seen. >> how great is that? can we just gralt late woodrow cummins elementary with some great dance moves under the leadership of mr. logan. we love how he is a positive influence there. he said growing up he didn't have many kids around him that had a positive male influence and there's a reason behind what he's doing now and you see it's working with the kids.
5:36 am
that is exceptional. >> and he's got a beautiful singing voice and we've heard it on some of the videotape. and we thank him very much for starting their day with us. and the kids out there in arkansas. >> we should start our day that way. >> we're thinking about it. >> looking at a few different programs. >> i'm going to nene with heather nauert. >> elisabeth as long as it's you doing it. that was fantastic. what a great job they all did. good morning. i've got a manhunt to tell you about under way at this hour for a convicted killer who was released from jail by mistake. ben jewell johnson is his name. take a close look at this picture. he was supposed to serve 40 years for manslaughter and also weapons charge. he was set free last week in louisiana after he completed a sentence on a separate, less serious charge. investigators blame a computer glitch for that mistake. claiming that the manslaughter conviction just simply didn't come up when they processed his release. they're looking for that guy this morning.
5:37 am
yet another reason why women should not smoke during pregnancy. doctors say it's not only dangerous to their baby, but it could put future grandchildren at risk for asthma. researchers believe that nicotine causes genetic changes that can be passed down through the generations. they say that this could explain the rise in asthma cases over the last 50 years. wow that's so fascinating. and carl's jr. taking aim at the immigration debate. take a look at this. there you go. that will wake you up this morning. a racy new ad for the fast food chain's new tex-mex burger. you can see the bikini clad models they represent texas and mexico. yeah that is a border wall they're playing over not a volleyball net. team mex model cara del toro was on fox and she says immigration is a hot topic. >> we're playing volleyball to
5:38 am
try to figure it out whether the burger is a texas burger or mexican burger. i don't think it goes too far. it's really sexy and fun and they're playing on what's going on politically with immigration. i think it was a bold move for carl's jr. >> hmm. i thought she was on neil cavuto's show. carl jr.'s spesman says the ad is not a political statement but helps paint a pic arebout their feud. viewers have been weighing in on this one, right, guys? >> they have. >> what kind of comments are we getting? >> first one, i like women as much as the next guy, but the carl's jr. advertising campaign does nothing to get me to try it. i've never eaten at carl's, and have no desire to. >> and another viewer saying this, i prefer to have decent food at my home with my beautiful loving wife along with our daughters. pay attention to your families, folks, turn the tv off. >> and susan says i'm a woman, i see nothing wrong with this at all. this is america, people, if you don't like it, change the
5:39 am
channel. >> well there you go. >> wow. >> 22 minutes before the top of the hour and right now we've got some extreme weather. and a hurricane is heading somewhere. first up, storms battering the east coast this morning here in white plains which is north of new york city. heavy rains making a messy commute this morning. cars struggling to drive down the road as you can see right there. a lot of low spots. >> and we just learned that joaquin is officially a hurricane. maria moll nan is tracking that very storm for you now. >> good morning. that's right. the national hurricane center upgrading joaquin to a category 1 hurricane. maximum sustained winds now at 75 miles per hour. and the storm is still forecast to continue to intensify. we do have hurricane warnings that are in effect across parts of the central bahamas. hurricane watches across the northern bahamas. right now that storm is moving towards the southwest. over the next two days we do expect this storm to turn northward. the reason for that is we have this big trough and cold front across the eastern u.s.
5:40 am
that should help steer it northward offer the next two days. right now that system is responsible for flash flooding ongoing across portions of new england. you could see on the radar. a lot of heavy rain coming down across parts of upstate new york, into vermont, new hampshire and also widespread across maine several inches expected. flash flood watches in effect out there. here's a look at the track. you can see eventually turning northward, forecast to become a category 2 hurricane and then the forecast cone of your honor certainty the mid-atlantic coast and parts of the northeast. the storm could stay offshore but regardless of what the storm does, in terms of if it makes landfall or not, we do expect it to bring heavy, heavy rain across parts of the eastern u.s. coming up this weekend. back inside. >> okay, maria, thank you very much. >> we'll watch tv >> cable. >> this channel. >> maybe. exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, a fox news alert, duelling airstrikes raining down in syria. so who should take the lead?
5:41 am
the united states, which we're currently doing? or russia that wants to take over? your comments coming in next. >> and told us to stay out of it. this guest was a no-show at her friend's wedding and this is the bill she got for her dinner. tacky or totally fine? first more from our dancing assistant principal with a lot of endurance. ♪ you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents?
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5:44 am
well, it's time now for your news by the numbers. first, as many as 1 million. that's how many drones could be flying the skies over the new year. the faa expecting drone sales to spike around christmastime.
5:45 am
the government is terrified over safety concerns following reports of drones flying too close to airplanes. doesn't even bring up the privacy issues. $75.09. that's how much a bride is billing one of her wedding guests after the woman and her husband missed the reception. the friend is especially outraged because her sitter canceled at the last minute, and she has apparently no intention of paying the bill. and finally more than 140 characters. twitter is working on a way to let users boast longer tweets. the 140 character limit has been a trademark feature of the social media site since day one. if people want to write more online, you know what, they just call that an e-mail. >> or facebook. >> or a blog, steve. and now this, a fox news alert. breaking right now, russian warplanes have begun airstrikes against opposition fighters in syria. this comes just hours after the
5:46 am
united states launched strikes in syria and iraq. overnight the russian government ordered the united states to remove its planes from syria immediately. >> yep. that's what they said. they're telling us to get out we've been there for a long time. but a senior defense official tells fox news the united states will not comply with that order from russia. and the military has no plans to change its operations overseas at this point. >> heading towards a major crash. these developments come just days after putin met with president obama at the u.n. summit behind closed doors for 90 minutes. it looks anything but chummy the last time they got together. did they even discuss this type of potential clash? so, you know, donald trump weighed in. donald trump says listen, let's let russia take care of isis. governor christie says you've got to be kidding me, you're going to let russia be in charge of our war against isis in al qaeda? how do you feel about it? on facebook, hey let putin have it. he and assad have been allies
5:47 am
for years. what are we going to do with it besides sacrifice our soldiers and billions of dollars to rebuild it? >> it would be nice to let putin handle it then russia would be the dominant force in the middle east with iran and syria. >> a new axis of evil of sorts. meanwhile james e-mailed us. he says, quote, for the united states to step back and allow putin to just put the u.s. out of the middle east is not good for the world. putin needs to be told to join the coalition or back off. the problem is, at this point, putin and russia are trying to become world leaders, world influencers, again. they've got a pretty go toe pod right now in the middle east because they've got cooperation deal with iraq, and iran, probably. and maybe this because just another way for him to grab some power. >> egypt is still an ally. we still have our plains in incirlik over in turkey. we were supposed to have an ally in iraq. we're being pushed and pulled
5:48 am
because we've ignored them for the last six years. we'll see where this goes. no one is on script right now. >> and now this. we already know lea gabriel with fly a fighter jet. what happens when you put her in a stunt plane and shut off the engine? lea landed safely. but that's hardly the whole story. she's going to take us along for the ride next. first bill hemmer coming up at the top of your hour. >> good morning elisabeth. morning fellas. >> she's got skills. >> she does. breaking news on putin in russia. what is now a much bigger deal in the middle east. what will the united states do? what will the commander in chief do in turn? donald trump was asked if he should be more mature? what did trump say about that? and what did america learn about planned parenthood? we'll tell you on that. and we have a hurricane, folks. where it is headed coming up when we see you in 12 minutes. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that.
5:49 am
aleve. all day strong.
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5:52 am
from flying f-18s in the navy, fox correspondent lea gabriel is always up for an adventure in the skies and she joins us now. what have you been up to? >> i went on a story, this late's assignment, really took me back to my days flying for the navy. i got to do some formation flying, it was awesome experience and i wanted to take you all along for the ride. take a look. the national championship air races here in reno, nevada, have become an annual institution for anyone who feels the need for speed. as part of the air races this year an incredible demonstration by the breitling jet team. they're civilians now but the team is made up of former french fighter pilots and when i was a navy pilot i flew f-18s so i can
5:53 am
relate. >> it's been a long time since i've been in a jet doing formation flying and doing air boughtics at the same time. this is one of my favorite things that i did in the navy. absolutely love this. now today i'm in the back seat to the front but they are going to let me do some flying. the last time i flew in a formation like this is when i was coming back from a combat deployment. this is incredible. whoo! 73 now the pilot is going to let me take the controls, so i'm going to try the formation out and see if i feel -- all right i've got it. >> okay, you've got it. >> got it. ♪ that was awesome. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> you did it. >> you did not lose your skill. perfect formation.
5:54 am
awesome. >> so you guys let me fly this a little bit and i got to feel what it was like. i'm just wondering is there anything else you guys can let me take out and really let it rip for some aerobatic flying? >> absolutely. this afternoon you're going to fly with david martin. our aerobatic pilot. >> another former fighter pilot. this guy is a real champ. he's won gold and bronze medals at five world aerobatic championships. i'm standing here with david martin. we just saw his incredible performance in the air show. you're very well known for your ability to tumble the plane. >> for the public to see the airplane go end over end which they never think an airplane could do, that's what i try to do. >> the question i have is when you first figured out how good this plane is at tumbling, was it intentional or unintentional? >> that's a really good question. because it was unintentional. >> maybe we'll discover a new maneuver that david can some day use in his air show. >> that's true. here we go. okay you can take the controls. >> this is awesome.
5:55 am
whoo! >> great. >> can i fly upside down for a second? >> sure. >> that's just awesome. >> that was good. you don't need me up here. >> spin it a few times? >> yeah. i'll turn the power off. >> right now? >> yeah. >> all right. here we go. >> and just hold that in, and- >> oh! >> wow! love that. whoo! that was awesome.
5:56 am
>> there you can tell i did not have a good time on that flight. well they're also involved with a nonprofit called honor flight which transports our veterans to d.c. to visit the memorials dedicated to their honor and service and it's free of charge for them. in fact they're hosting one in october and for more information on that you can visit and they were certainly good to this veteran. i have not flown like that in a long time. >> lea, i love you but i'm never getting in an airplane if you're behind the wheel. >> i'll take you in my cessna. it's a very smooth flight. i promise. >> all right. coming up straight ahead we wrap up the show. what happens when you send your boss something you should not have? you'll find out, next. >> uh-oh. hi, i'm matt mccoy.
5:57 am
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to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. one for the road, be careful who you snap chat. a woman sent a racy snap with the caption, what you're missing this weekend. the problem is she accidentally sent it to her boss. >> oy. >> but his response now going
6:00 am
viral. his note said you do not need to send this to me but please be more careful. i'm your boss. >> what we were seeing was a body part. >> have a great day. see you back here on the coach tomorrow. bill: a fox news alert getting reports minutes ago that russia launched airstrikes in syria, demanding u.s. planes get out of air space. these fast-moving developments complicate relations between president obama and bashar al-assad with syria in the middle. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. u.s. officials


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